What does it take to win bids for international association meetings?
How is association decision-making evolving?
How important will bidding skills be in the future?
Are we entering a 'Beyond Bidding' world with new rules and ways to win?

We brought in the views and engagement of a global virtual audience of ICCA members and international association executives, we heard from our live panel of leading association executives, as this session covered one of the most critical issues in our industry.

Read up: check our latest research findings

In preparation for this session ICCA has done some research by sending out a questionnaire related to the topic to both Association Executives and the top 20 cities according to the ICCA statistics. We’d like to share the results with you as you might find this interesting pre-reading.


Speakers on stage

At the heart of this online event was a discussion with:

Martin Sirk, Chief Executive Officer, ICCA
Juan José García (Faculty Leader), Director of Marketing & Sales, Barceló Congresos
Natasha Joyner, Events Manager, World Obesity Federation
Mireille Swakhoven, Congress Services Manager , FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation)

The workshop was broadcasted live from the ICCA Research, Sales and Marketing Programme in Amsterdam. There was a re-broadcast the same day from 16.00-18.00 CEST.


Programme of the broadcasts

08.30-09.00 Welcome and panel introduction
- opening interview with Martin Sirk about the context and an introduction into the topic
- interview with Juan José García about innovation in association bidding
- introduction to panelists Mireille Swakhoven & Natasha Joyner
- live link with ICCA Thailand Seminar and TCEB director conventions Ms. Vichaya Soonthornsaratoon

09.00-10.00 Main session (presentation and panel debate)
- association bidding in historical context by Juan José García
- findings of ICCA's association survey
- the role of subventions
- the importance of safety & security
- how can associations speed-up their decision-making

10.00-10.30 Q&A and reflections
- live link with ICCA Thailand Seminar with delegate reflection
- interactive online Q&A with panellists
- closing interview with Martin Sirk about the future of bidding

What to do next?

There is a few things you can do to leverage the learnings and experience of this year's ICCA hybrid workshop:

1. Read up on all the findings of the session and keep your eyes out for ICCA's Official Press Release.

2. Re-live the experience by scrolling through the Social Media Story of the event.

3. Check out some very usefull documents in the Virtual Goodiebag that is still up for grabs.

4. Join the #ICCAWorld LinkedIn group (members only) and discuss the learnings with us.

5. In case all this stuff is usefull to you, consider joining ICCA, attending the anual congress or sign up for next year's RSMP!


The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau

The event is especially designed for meetings industry suppliers, associations and any other professionals interested in the bidding for associations process, and is sponsored by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (http://www.businesseventsthailand.com).


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